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Talking Clocks
Today clocks can talk to you and tell you the time. Talking clocks are popular with those that have trouble with their sight, such as the elderly or the blind. A clock that can talk to you and give the time is quite helpful for those with sight impairments.

Some of these talking clocks can remind you to take your medication, this can be particularly helpful to the elderly or just the forgetful. We all know how important it is to take our medicine at the recommended times, buying a talking alarm clock with a medication feature could help immensely.

Some people may just prefer a clock that talks to them, so really a talking alarm clock could be for anyone. Maybe you just live alone and would like to hear a friendly voice from time to time.

Most talking alarms clocks feature a female voice, I guess they figure its a bit more soothing and friendly.

Accenda Sunshine Talking Alarm Clock
This talking clock goes a step beyond just talking the time to help those who can't see the numbers. It also responds to your voice commands and requests for information. recommendation

MedCenter Talking Alarm
MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock will remind the user when to take there pills up to 4 times daily. recommendation.