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Grand Father Clocks
A Grand Father Clock makes a perfect centerpiece for any living room or large room. There is just something about the beauty and rhythmic sound of a Grand Father Clock. Many of these clocks are exquisitely designed and intricately detailed. Some of the best brands of Grand Father Clocks include -

Hermle Clock Brand
In 1922 Franz Hermle founded a clock company in Baden Wuerttemberg, a small town in Germany's black forest region. In 1977 they established another manufacturing base in Amherst, Virginia and still continue the tradition of fine clock making today. This clock maker specializes in ship's clocks and world time theme clocks, they also make Grand Father Clocks. Each clock is interesting and collectible. This is a German clock brand.

Howard Miller Clocks
The late Howard Miller founded a clock company way back in 1926. His father had trained him in the art of Clock Making. Howard soon proved his own skill and was quickly recognized as a visionary in the business. Today the tradition of fine Clocks continues at Howard Miller. They offer a wide selection of Grand Father Clocks which include models such as the Gerhard, Hanover, Wellington, Nicolette, Cleo, Stratford, Oakmont, Tennille, Tamarack, Crawford, Vercelli, Elgin and more. Expect to pay $2,000 - $5,000 for one of these quality Grand Father Clocks.

Ridgeway Grand Father Clocks
Ridgeway is the oldest brand of Grand Father clock made in the United States. Howard Miller purchased this brand and now owns them. Slogan: The heartbeat of the home.