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Clocks for Kids
Clocks and kids go hand in hand. Most children love learning about clocks and telling time. A kids clock would make a perfect gift for the room of your son, daughter or other young family member. It might be a good idea to get them one with a built in alarm, that way they can be sure to get up for school on time.

A child's clock can be the perfect accent or centerpiece for your kids room. How about a cat or dog clock? Maybe a cartoon clock or space themed clock, if your child likes sports then a sports clock could be just the ticket.

The Blue Hat Kids Projection Alarm Clock is a rocket-shaped time piece that projects a digital clock display against vivid galactic images on any wall or ceiling. This interactive clock also features the year, month, date and day of the week.

My son loves space and for Christmas we bought him a projection clock that projects an image on the ceiling of his bedroom. He really likes this, as you can change the image to show a moon landing and some other space scenes. The time is also projected along with the image, it's pretty neat, I even like it too. The clock itself is even shaped like a rocket ship.

This mini figure digital alarm clock has moveable arms and legs, it can sit or stand. The clock lights up with a red glow when you push down on Darth Vader's head, whether to make the alarm snooze for 5 minutes or just to check the time. Measures 7.75" tall. Ages 6 years and up.

These Lego clocks are great for kids, the Darth Vader one is really nice and you can also get other great Lego Character themed clocks. This makes a great gift for any boy or girl that is into the Wii Lego themed games.

Kit-Kat clocks are made in America and are fun for the whole family. The famous cat shaped clock has a tail that wags as the clock ticks and the eyes move back and forth. Fun for kids of all ages. This one makes a great gift for a cat lover.