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Clock Brands
Chelsea Clock Company
Chelsea Clock has been making fine clocks since 1897. All of these clocks are fine handmade masterpieces. They became famous by making Nautical Clocks and clocks for Presidents.

Hermle Clock Brand
In 1922 Franz Hermle founded a clock company in Baden Wuerttemberg, a small town in Germany's black forest region. In 1977 they established another manufacturing base in Amherst, Virginia and still continue the tradition of fine clock making today. This clock maker specializes in ship's clocks and world time theme clocks. Each clock is interesting and collectible. This is a German clock brand.

Howard Miller Clocks
The late Howard Miller founded a clock company way back in 1926. His father had trained him in the art of Clock Making. Howard soon proved his own skill and was quickly recognized as a visionary in the business. Today the tradition of fine Clocks continues at Howard Miller.

Hubert Herr Clock Brand
Hubert Herr is known for making fine German Cuckoo clocks. Hubert Herr is the only manufacturer making carvings and cases, they guarantee all cuckoo clocks to be hand carved. Many of these Cuckoo Clocks are ornate and richly decorated. They even sell one that has a moving train on the clock itself. Their clocks come with a 2 year no hassle warranty, which is pretty good.

Kit-Kat Clocks
In 1932, a designer in Oregon named Earl Arnault created a funny looking cat shaped clock that would become an American icon. Still made in American after more than 80 years.

Lacrosse Technology Clocks
Founded in 1985, we are a multinational company with a small-town philosophy of servicing our customers to the highest level. We introduced radio-controlled clocks to the US market in 1991 and continue to be on the cutting edge of this technology in America. Our weather instruments, clocks and watches are calibrated daily to the atomic time standard of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This is an interesting brand of clocks, they specialize in clocks and instruments related to weather. They also make atomic clocks for the home consumer.

Meade Clock Brand
Meade was founded in 1972 and is known mostly for telescopes, yet they also make specialized clocks. Meade makes Weather Stations that include atomic clocks, they also make projection clocks. The desktop weather stations look really cool, they would also make a nice gift to someone who likes tech gadgets.

Pro Clocks
ProClocks Inc. specializes in fine antique clocks and authentic reproduction clocks from the past. Located in West Chester, Ohio.

River City Clocks
River city makes some really nice looking clocks. Many are hand carved and quite exquisite looking. They are well known for their black forest cuckoo clocks. They also make some attractive looking mantel clocks, hourglasses and other decorative clocks.

Seiko Clock Brand
Seiko has been making clocks since 1881, so you can bet they are good at it. Seiko began when Kintaro Hattori opened a clock repair shop in Tokyo, Japan at the ripe old age of 22. Today Seiko is still making clocks and watches, they have a large selection of modern clocks for sale at reasonable prices.