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Who hasn't used a clock to tell time before? Clocks are an essential tool, that are commonly used in our daily lives. Just about every house contains a clock in one form or another.

Clocks can not only be useful to tell the time, they can also be beautiful. Grand Father clocks are especially large, ornate and extremely pretty pieces of furniture. They also make for a great gift.

Many clocks also come with chimes, or other sound effects, which can be fun for children. A ticking clock can be a soothing sound.

Clocks are also meant to be fun and many put a childrens clock in a kid's room. Some clocks are even shaped like animals or other creatures.

For hundreds of years we have used clocks. Clocks continue to be an intrical part of our lives.

Those who like to play the game of chess, routinely use a chess clock to keep track of the time of the match. Each player is routinely alotted a set period of time to finish the match. A special clock is used, that stops between turns.

Clock Making
Clock making is a lost art, at one time clocks had to be hand made, literally part by part. Today most clocks are built by machines and mass produced.

If you do have one of these fine clocks from yesteryear, perhaps one passed down over the generations. Be sure to appreciate and take care of it.

A person that makes and repairs broken clocks is called a "clockmaker". The clockmakers of old were master craftsmen who built clocks by hand. The work was long and tedious and had to be very precise.

Modern clockmakers rarely build clocks anymore, however they are still needed to repair antique clocks that were handmade.

Did you know that? While Horology means the study of time, it also means the art of making clocks and watches.

Online Clocks
If you are looking for the most accurate time, or the time say in different time zones then you may want to try these internet resources. These website offer online clocks which can tell you the time right now, anywhere in the world.

24 Time Zones
Easily check the time in major world cities with this easy to use online map. Just point to the city and it gives you the current time.

Official United States Time
Select time zone in your part of the United States for accurate times. Brought to you by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO).

Time And Date
Time and date has the time and date in your area or anywhere in the world. Also has i-phone, i-pad and android time apps. - - - - -